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I'm Ruby on Rails developer. I love to share my experience, technical knowledge. I work at Crypex Technologies which is developing applications in ROR for more than a decade.

Boost Your Business to Success with Virtual Exhibition

  Everything is shifting from a physical, tangible experience to a more personalized, yet virtual interface. The dating game has changed with Tinder and you can even experience landing on the moon from Apollo 15 by just putting on those VR goggles. The dynamics of life have changed and with that has changed your lifestyle.

   Have you ever visited an exhibition? The hallways are swarming with people, everyone wants to go around in that stipulated time. Other than the high ticket fares, you can only visit the one exhibition on display for the weekend in your city, not those in Paris or Sydney.

  Cryptex has developed virtual exhibition software, an exhibition on the tiny screen you can carry around the entire day. Unlike the conventional, physical expos, this application allows you to access any exhibition from over the world, which is on display in the application. While the end user can choose the category of expo they wish to visit, the businessmen and companies can get a filtered audience, instead of a large footfall not converting into business.

   We at Cryptex have made sure that the virtual touch doesn’t sideline the human needs. With an inbuilt chat system using both audio and video functionality, the user can communicate with the exhibitor freely. Apart from reading the business brochures stacked on the book stand by the booth, the visitor can add it to his briefcase for referencing later.



                                     Figure 1: Virtual Fair

Owners can present an online presentation of their work, products or simply an informative tour of the business. For future communication, they can provide their social media handle links along with the website link or Email ID on a virtual booth.


Figure 2: Virtual Stalls

   A feature of exchanging visiting cards is also provided on this booth. This can be treated as a trade show management software. 

The next step is to include a VR feature enabling the users to have a wholesome experience, touring in any exhibition they wish to.

Fabric.js ultimate tutorial for ruby on rails

What is Fabric.js

Fabric.js is a very powerful and simple JavaScript HTML5 canvas library.

Fabric provides an interactive object model on to of canvas element.

Fabric also has a capability to convert the canvas SVG to canvas and canvas to SVG.



What should you do with Fabric.js

Using Fabric.js you can create a populated object on canvas like a simple geometrical shape or complex shapes.

You can upload an image on canvas and perform manipulation on an image like re-size image, rotate

image, apply image filters, etc.

You can add text on the canvas and perform formatting of text, like add font color. Add a text background color, change the font of the text, change the size of the font, etc.

Fabric.js have built-in animation you can easily apply any object of the canvas.

Fabric.js provides a free drawing to create anything you like.

You can save canvas as a png, jpg, SVG and JSON format.



How you can integrate fabric.js into rails application

There is two way to integrate fabric.js into rails application.

1. With the help of ‘fabric-rails’ Gem

2. With the help of Fabric.Js CDN.



With the help of ‘fabric-rails’ Gem

You can easily use fabric.js in rails with the help of ‘fabric-rails’ gem.

gem ‘fabric-rails



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Cryptex Technologies is a Ruby On Rails Development Company with 11+ years of experience in web development. We provide the following services:


1. Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

2. Learning Management System Development

3. Shopify Web Development

4. E-commerce Web Development

5. Offshore Software Development Services 

Introduction to CSS Grid - CSS Grid Tutorial


CSS Grid is new layout supported browsers. If we compare to with Bootstrap then CSS Grid does not require to include any external libraries, By adding CSS rules to parent (Grid Container) and to child elements (Grid Items).

CSS Grid is a two-dimensional grid layout, we can work with columns and rows. In comparison to Flexboxes (which is one-dimensional), the CSS Grid layout system provides you to build more complex layouts. It is possible we can use both: Flexbox and Grid Layout in CSS.


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Shopify - Liquid as the Template Language for Shopify

First, lets get into what is Shopify?


Shopify is an e-commerce platform for online stores.

Shopify gives us a platform for creating our own online shopping stores.


What is Liquid?

Liquid is an open source template language created by Shopify and which is written in Ruby. All the Shopify themes are built using liquid so we can say it is the backbone of Shopify and is used to load the dynamic content of online stores.

Liquid acts as a bridge between the web layout and the website data.

Basically, a template language makes it possible to re-use the static elements that define the layout of a webpage, while dynamically loading the pages with data from a Shopify store. The static elements are of-course written in HTML, and the dynamic elements are written in Liquid.


How does Liquid work with Shopify?



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Active Job in Rails

Ruby on Rails is the framework that provides the code to build most of the part of the application. When we develop the feature, the job is to write the parts of the application that help to perform a specific task. Ruby on Rails development contains different sub-framework to complete feature, one of them is Active Job. When rails application requires to perform the queuing backend job Active Job framework can be used to declare job and make it run.

The active job can be used to send emails, calculate billing, send notifications, scheduled clean-ups. It divides the job in small chunks and runs in parallel. Our effort is to provide the customers with a user-friendly and flexible web application.

This can be approached when server response time is effective. So put jobs that take more time of server to execute in a queue and serve in the backend. Scheduling the task in queue backend distribute traffic on the server by allowing to complete the job when the server is free.

To schedule backend job and run the job resque-scheduler, delayed_job gems can be used.

I worked on the project Google Review management that requires to send the notification to the users whenever there is a new google review comes in application. If I have performed send notification in real time to users that will decrease the response time of server. To achieve this, I found the solution to use Active Job framework.

How to create the Active job in rails?

Active Job framework has a rails generator to create job.

$ rails generate job email_notifier

Above will generate the below structure.

invoke test_unit

create test/jobs/email_notifier_job_test.rb

create app/jobs/email_notifier_job.rb

The created job will be shown as below

class EmailNotifierJob < ApplicationJob

queue_as :default

def perform(*emails)

# perform notification task



ApplicationJob is the base class for Active Job.

Keep Job in the Queue

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Digital Music Distribution Software Development | White Label Music Distribution

Digital Music Distribution Application allows labels, artists and owners of various musical contents to promote, distribute and market contents across different types of digital stores, tastemaker blogs, social media platforms and keep a proper track on results. We distribute musical collections to varieties of digital contents stores, including YouTube and iTunes.

In this way, we provide our customers with the highest possible sales and social analytics, so that you may get insights into what and where you were selling your music collections and even to whom. Our professionals assist you to take action based on changes in demands promptly and target fans at various sources by simply providing transparent access to discovery and sales analytics.

Digital Music Distribution Software

Features Of Our Offered Solutions


  • Innovative Web Application
    Web application, where users will get the opportunity to upload albums and tracks for their distribution on different DSP platforms, such as iTunes, Google, and Youtube. Especially, we have worked with one of our clients as DashGo in this regard and offered huge satisfaction to the respective client.

  • Royalty Files
    Uploading of royalty files in varying formats, such as .txt, .xls, and similar others offered by DSP platforms or digital music distribution software and ease calculation of revenues for labels and artists. Storage of encoded tracks in the form of 20 different copies on a cloud platform and later on allow downloading of such assets whenever they require for distribution process.

  • Sign Up and Upload Files
    To allow both labels and individual artists for signing up with our websites and upload their music collections or songs based on their own choice. In addition, we allow them to focus on digital music distribution development and allow artists/labels to distribute and sell their songs in varying musical websites.

  • Royalty Processing
    To provide royalty processing, label deals, auto-corrective royalty records and royalty reports to our online users. In fact, we put our best possible efforts for managing royalty account process that further leads to huge growth and long-term success for our clients. Generation of royalties on a monthly basis and tracking of sales trends or finding sales results within less time as possible.

  • Auto Correction
    We provide with the AutoCorrect option for various royalty records so that it amends mistakes related to spelling in the name or other details within less time. In this way, software eradicates difficulties, which may likely arise at the time of displaying results, trends, and processing of payments.
  • Hence, in case the name of an artist or label is written with wrong spelling, he or she does not have to worry about anything, as our special software can easily fix the issue and makes sure of guaranteed payments and results.

  • Sales Analytics
    Sales analytics aimed at tracking the performance of the platform across large numbers of social networking platforms.

  • Load Balancing Facility 
    We integrate multiple servers to maintain a proper balance between distribution and encoding loads and thereby, provide ultimate load balance solutions. In other words, we use instances to maintain a proper balance of the load that mainly takes place whenever the portal faces a huge load because of song upload procedures or registration. Another noticing fact about our service is that we provide instances only whenever labels or artists need them during the upload of their musical contents.

Real Estate Application - Boost the sales of Real Estate from Digital Web Application

The industry of real estate has expanded enough where buyers are doing an extensive search online before actually making their final purchase decision. The buyers are searching for brokers, dealers, projects, and sellers online which makes the digital marketing even more beneficial for the real estate industry.


Some of the advantages of this Real Estate Application are:-

Upload unlimited properties images/videos

Upload 360-degree virtual tour

Listings with photos and videos

Get directly connected to the customers

Real-time messaging

Setup an appointment online

Search engine with powerful filters

24/7 online presence

Location awareness and maps

Why Real Estate Web Application?

You can build your own brand and also build trust among the customers and get directly connected with your prospective customers.

What are the requirements?

One of the biggest reasons many people stay away from investing in an application is believing that it requires advanced technical knowledge and web design experience to build and manage an application. It's quite the contrary.

You don't need any experience to set up your own online application and start investing in digital real estate application. Get this complete property selling solution in your domain in just 1 DAY with just one click and set up your own brand.

There are options to buy or rent the websites.

In conclusion

Eventually, you will start building your brand and connects from the application. Then you can decide whether to sell your application for a profit or to continue to use it. The choice is yours!

I came across such Real estate application which is Online marketing solution to boost your sales.

Cryptex Technologies has developed such an application and set up in your domain in just 1 Day.

For DEMO click:

Six rules to make Ruby On Rails code Crisp, Absolute and Clear!

In my coding lifetime, I have enhanced and improved my coding style after client feedback and guidance. I have learned over the years of time, that there aspects and points that has utmost importance in the coding of Ruby on Rails (RoR) application

We as developers start writing code without actually analyzing and understanding the code requirement as well. A messed up code is no one’s favorite and not to be delivered. I am sharing my thumb rules that will surely help you as it did to me. 

Rule No. 1:

Indent your code What if you are given a much messed up code to update? I am sure you will get frustrated; in order to write very clear code keep it well indented. In Ruby on rails, though the auto-generated code is four space indented style we should use two spaces to intend our block of code as this is the most widely adapted style. This improves the readability of our code. 


Rule No. 2: Name it well!

Naming convention should be followed as this is helpful for us to understand the purpose of it and at certain places, active record in ruby also works on the basis of names.

Active record uses the same naming convention in order to find out how the mapping between the models and database tables are created.

Say for example a class “Category”, should have a database table called “Categories”. The rails pluralization mechanism is very powerful such that it is capable of pluralizing both regular and irregular words.

When it comes to naming a variable, you should follow CamelCase form, which says that the first word should start with a small letter and the next word should start with a capital letter, e.g. “categoryOne”.

When the table name has two words, it should be separated by “_” , e.g. “book_categoryies”. When it comes to model class, it should be singular with the first letter of each word capitalization e.g. “CategoryBook”.

Similarly, the name of methods should be such that it should define the purpose of that method, for e.g. “category_list”.


Rule No. 3: Less If else, Less complex

If else statement is a block of condition where you check the condition if it is true or false.

Using the number of if-else statement creates makes the code bulky. It will increase the number of lines in the code, which can be reduced or should not be used at all. It also makes the code complex and not easy to understand.


Rule No. 4: Use of a number of variables

What do variables do in rails? It allocates the memory for which it is assigned for. When the expression can be directly assigned or can be directly passed, a variable should not be used as this will be the unnecessary allocation of memory, unnecessary declaration of a variable.

In Ruby on rails development, we have four different types of variables global variables, class variables, instance variable and local variables.

Global variables are accessible globally in the application which means it can be modified from any part of the program hence it let to lack of security of our code.

Hence it is recommended not to use global variables.

Always try to replace instance variable with local variable as local variables are accessed locally which ensures the security of our code.